Shalom Productions

henry_hazelBWWEB_1_-155x168Shalom Productions was founded in 1977 by Henry and Hazel Slaughter in Nashville, Tennessee.  Promotional materials from 1977 state that his studio could do 1,000 records with full color jackets for $3,680.   The Slaughters traveled the US in a big silver bus during the 1970’s, performing and telling gospel groups how to enlarge their ministry through record albums.


Shalom Productions Discography

HS1945 Paul and Joanne Clark – Whatever It Takes
S1950 Mike Lestik – My Heart Is Stirred
S1951 The Blues – A New Touch
S1953 Sounds Of The Spirit –  Walk With Me
S1954 Larry and Jeanette Rudder – All This Is Love
S1957 Nella Ree Raney – Jesus Use Me
S1959 Jimmy Allen – Daddy Was A Preacher Man
S1960 Gail Felts – Jesus Is Alive And Well (And Living In My Heart)
S1963 Ambassador Trio – Feeling At Home
S1966 One In The Spirit – Something Different
S1967 Salvation Singers – Lift Jesus Higher
S1969 The Lestik Family Singer – I Want Jesus (More Than Anything)
S1970 Mullikin Family – Singing To The Lord
S1971 Larry and Jeanette Rudder – Reflections
S1972 Gloria Robinson – Quiet Times With Jesus
S1974 Mary Mearkle – Love Unlimited
S1976 David & Dana Blue – We’re Together Again
S1979 Lillian L. Schrader – God Is The Light [1978]
S1983 Paul Heffron – I Love You Jesus
S1986 Dana – Dana [1978]
S1987 Redeeming Love – Redeeming Love
S1990 Kevin Ryan – Peaceful Feeling [1978]
S1991 Nancy Asby – I’ll Take Jesus
S1995 Alta Schollaert  – Whisper Jesus
S1996 Mullikin Family – Let’s Sing About Jesus
S1997 The Lestik Family Singer – The Sound Of His Coming [1980]
S1998 Rene Negley – Daystar
S1998 Richard North –  Keep Looking Up
S2918 Dan & Noreen Miller – His Kind Of Love
S3000 Larry And Jeanette Rudder – Always
S3003 Mary Mearkle Hartman – Sweet Promise
S3005 Lenny & Joy Wisehart – In Nashville
S3010 Sears Trio – All In The Name Of Jesus
S3011 Doug & Priscilla – Together In Him
S3015 The Lestik Family Singer – Something More
S3019 Abiding Love – Walk On Water
S3020 David & Dana Blue – Reminisce
S3022 Del Hayes Trio – Love Song
S3024 Tom Harrison – …A Beginning
S3025 Ambassador Trio – The Sounds Of His Coming
S3026 Trudy Johnson – Truly Trudy
S3029 Dave Robinson – …For You [1981]
S3030 The John Coleman Family – Singing The Songs Of Jesus [1981]
S3031 Margie Goines – His Name Exalted
S3034 Lane Dawson – Sings More Songs Of Praise [1985]
S3038 Herb And Edi Hutchinson – We Love You So
S3041 Herb And Edi Hutchinson – A New Day
S3044 Gloria Robinson – Forever Love
S3046 Margie Goines – Adoration
S3048 Larry & Jeanette Rudder – Just Thinking About Home
S3050 Lynn And Karen With Mashella –  There Can Be Son Shine
GH3059 The Mahnke’s ‎– The Sweetest Hallelujah
GH3061 Billy Speer – Learning To Lean
R4001 Henry Slaughter – Favorite Gospel Hymns Played By Henry Slaughter
T4002 Norm Cady – In The Night
T4004 Dave Hess – I Came On Business For The King
T4006 The Lestik Family Singer – Our Melody Of Love
T4013 Leon Armstrong Family – Power Of His Presence
4019 Lane Dawson – Love Letters [1985]
S4023 Eddie Piper – A Very Special Grace ‎

God’s Children – Songs God’s Children Love To Sing
Greg Hewitt – My Promise
Larry and Jeanette Rudder — More Precious Than Silver